Engrave your SBR Trust Info




Tergus Customs is an FFL Holder with over a decade in the trade, and we are happy to help you with your needs.

Whether this is your first NFA item, or your 101st, it’s nice to know that someone competent is working on your parts.

ATF/NFA Engraving is a Flat $80.00

This flat rate covers the consult on location and size, font type, and run time on our equipment.

For this service ONLY, there is No limit on characters due to the fact that we are making sure that you meet the requirements of the ATF!

We have over 400 font style to choose from if you’d like something a bit more fancy.

Tergus Customs Laser Engraving can help you attain the proper markings and depth requirements for your SBR or SBS or suppressor build.

We use a state-of-the-art fiber laser marking system to give you crisp, clear results that you can be proud of having on your favorite firearms.


ATF is requiring a minimum height of 1/16 (1/8 depending on who you talk to – they simply want it LEGIBLE) inch and a minimum depth of .003 inch for serial numbers and a minimum depth of .003 inch for all other required markings. i.e., SBR/SBS markings with Trust Info.

Required info:

– The name of your Trust or full Individual name as filed on your paperwork.

– City (full spelling)

– State (WA, ID, NV, etc as an abbreviation is allowed)


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