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Please select a category for your laser engraving needs. If you are not sure about which category you require services from please visit our FAQ’s page. Not sure if you require a design fee? The FAQ’s page will tell you exactly if a design fee is needed. If you have a really custom project at hand please feel free to use our Contact form to inquire about what we can offer you.

In the Metal Shop, we cover firearms, and non-serialized parts and accessories (mags, etc), motorcycle and auto parts, knives, and more…

In the Leather Shop, we cover coats, seats, saddlebags, head rests, hand bags, and other textile covered items.

In the Custom Shop, we cover things like, cell phone covers, wine bottles, fleece jackets, ceramic floor tiles, picture frames, humadors, and more!

For previous works and samples to see please visit our Laser Engraving Gallery page. You will see all of the quality work we have provided for not just local clients, but for clients all through out the U.S. We are located in Spokane, WA, and service the greater Spokane, WA area along with Coeur d’ Alene, ID and Las Vegas, NV. Contact us anytime!